Green Leaf 🌱

Highlands Hammock State Park, Green Leaf

Green Leaf 🌱

It felt wonderful to photograph a lovely leaf at the Highlands Hammock State Park.

The leaf's surface is covered with minute intricacies and delicate patterns that reflect the tranquility of nature.

The serene settings of Highlands Hammock State Park might make you wonder about the amazing world we live in as you listen to the chirping birds and rustling foliage.

This is one of the best State Parks in Florida.

Check it out:

Highlands Hammock State Park
Established in 1931 and developed by the Civilian Conservation Corps, the lush and incredibly diverse 9,000-acre Highlands Hammock State Park is a refuge for endangered animals and ancient flora. With its beautiful old-growth hammock and variety of habitats and wildlife species, this is the Real Flo…

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