The 11 Most Crucial Things to Know Before Starting College

Being a freshman in college is thrilling.

The 11 Most Crucial Things to Know Before Starting College

Here are the 11 most important things I wish I had known before entering college.

  • Time Management: It's crucial to learn great time-management skills since college life can be extremely demanding.
Your academic work will need to be balanced with your social life, extracurricular activities, and other family obligations.
  • Budgeting: You'll need to carefully manage your finances because attending college can be costly.
Create a budget and stick to it, refraining from extravagant spending and finding ways to save money. I discovered this since I worked a full-time job while paying for my undergraduate education. I'll be giving tips for managing your money while attending school full- or part-time.
  • Academic Expectations: Courses at college are more difficult and demanding than those in high school.
In order to be successful in college, you must be aware of the requirements for attendance, assignments, tests, and grading. I will be sharing more details on the planning aspect in part 3.
  • College Resources: Academic advisers, tutors, counseling services, and health services are just a few of the resources and assistance programs that colleges provide.
Understanding how to use these tools can help in your academic success in college.
  • Networking: College is a fantastic time to build and expand your personal and professional network.
To network and meet new people, go to employment fairs, join groups, and become involved in extracurricular activities.
  • Diversity: Students from a variety of cultures and backgrounds can be found in a diversified atmosphere at college.
Accept multiculturalism and be receptive to discovering new perspectives and ideas.
  • Independence: College is a stage for developing your independence and self-worth.
Develop the ability to take ownership of your decisions and your actions.
  • Health and wellness: It's important to look after your mental and physical well-being because college life can be tough.
Get adequate sleep, eat well, exercise frequently, and get support if you're having mental health problems.
  • Communication Skills: Effective communication is essential in college and beyond.
Develop your writing and verbal communication skills, as well as your ability to work collaboratively with others. I’ll be sharing some thoughts on this later in part 3 as well.
  • Open-mindedness: College is a chance to discover fresh different perspectives and ideas.
Even if information contradicts your ideas, remain open-minded and eager to learn.
  • Responsibility:  The chance to take charge of your future is provided in college.
To achieve your dreams, develop plans, set goals, and work relentlessly.

Happy learning,

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